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10 Beauty Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2021

By now, the websites you frequent and the feeds you scroll are likely packed with

resolution ideas for the upcoming year. You’ve read that you should stop apologizing,

journal each morning, say yes less, say no more—all of which are powerful practices we

should work into our routines daily, no matter the time of year.

The beauty of a new year is that it’s a welcomed fresh start; a chance to create routines

and set goals not only for the mind and soul, but for the body, as well. Believe us, we

know you know that exercising, stretching, and showering (do you feel seen?) daily are

vital steps in giving your physique a healthy boost.

However, with a whirlwind year like 2020 behind us, we could all benefit from new

year’s resolutions that are easy to manage. Make ‘spend less money’ a promise of new

year’s past and stick with these 10 beauty resolutions worth keeping in 2021.

Stop Biting Your Nails: Whether it’s a nervous habit or an oral fixation, biting your nails is a risky addiction. Nail-biting is unsanitary, harmful to teeth, and may damage the skin around the nail, increasing risk of infection. To kick the habit, add La Bloom Beauty’s Nail Oil Pen to your daily and nightly beauty routines. This organic blend of Lemon Essential Oil and Sweet Almond Oil will help whiten and strengthen your nails within a few weeks.


Wear Sunscreen Year-Round: Yes, you should use sunscreen during winter, no

matter where you live. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, even on the cloudiest, snowiest days, the sun can emit up to 80% of its harmful UV rays, increasing your risk of skin cancer. For a lightweight SPF formula you can use throughout the year, try SeriouslyFab’s Zinc It Over Sunscreen Facial Mist—it’s packed with the SPF you need to stay healthy, without the use of harmful ingredients.


Dry Brush Daily: Dry brushing is a quick and easy process that aids healthy, glowing

skin. To stimulate lymphatic drainage, debloat, reduce cellulite, and prevent unwanted bumps, gently brush your dry skin in clockwise, circular motions from your feet to your heart before showering. Check out Byrdie’s top choices for dry brushes to find the tool that works best for you!


Fill Your Home with Beauty-Aiding Plants: Not only can plants help purify the air in

your living space but investing in certain plants can aid your skin’s health, too. If you live in a sunny, warm environment, the all-natural gel found in the leaves of Aloe Vera plants can be used to use as a moisturizer or leave-in conditioner. If you live in a less-tropical environment, Lavender plants are useful in relieving dry, inflamed skin. Use the flowers of the lavender plant to infuse creams, toners, or facial steams to improve your skin’s circulation. Check out MindBodyGreen for more home-grown plants and herbs that will elevate your natural glow.


Eat and Drink Your Way to Healthier Skin: Okay, so we had to throw one cliché new year’s resolution in here—but drinking 8+ glasses of water a day and eating a balanced diet is, of course, the most natural way to achieve revitalized skin. If you need some ideas on how to make healthy diet changes to improve your skin health, click here. We’ve already broken the process down for you and no, you won’t have to leave flavor-packed foods or chocolate behind.


Mist Your Face: Face mists assist in keeping your skin hydrated and using one takes

hardly any time at all. To keep your face illuminated and invigorated throughout the day,

cleanse and refresh with Bloom Face Mist. Infused with all-natural ingredients such as

Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, and essential oils, this lightweight mist will give your face a

refreshing boost both day and night.


Dedicate Time for Your Beauty Routine: After an entire year of not knowing exactly

what day it is, starting 2021 with a schedule is of utmost importance. Carve out 15-20

minutes each morning and night to solely pay attention to yourself and your skin. Use

this time to put on some feel-good tunes and ease into your day or wind down for the



Pay Attention to Your Lips: Lip dryness is natural and comes and goes throughout the

year. However, when dry lips produce cracked skin, cold sores, or burning, the irritation

may be more difficult to gain control of. To prevent harsh lip irritation due to sun

exposure or winter weather, commit to using a daily lip scrub. Full of skin-loving oils

such as Coconut Oil and Organic Vitamin E, La Bloom Beauty’s Coco-Vanilla Lip Scrub

will keep your lips soft, supple, and moisturized all year long.


Organize your Beauty Products: Don’t wait for your annual spring cleaning to get

organized! The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to tidy up your beauty

shelf, toss expired products, clean your makeup brushes, and stock up on the beauty

essentials you’re running low on. Head over to Allure for links to the best beauty product

organizers for all types of spaces.


Remind Yourself that You are Beautiful: As we head into 2021, focusing on your

internal beauty is just as important as your outward beauty. Though it’s a process,

taking baby steps towards self-love is more powerful than you think. Try writing positive

affirmations about yourself on post-its and sticking them throughout your living space or

setting reminder alarms on your phone with motivational quotes. If you want to take it

back to the 90’s, there’s also nothing wrong with the lipstick on the mirror trick ;)

The beauty of beauty is that there is only one you. You are stunning, you are worthy, and you

are capable. Cheers to new commitments and successful resolutions.

To you and yours, Happy New Year. Tell us what you’re aiming for in 2021 by leaving a

comment below.

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