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Beauty Tips to Help You Transition Into Spring

As we finally bid adieu to the winter blues, you're probably craving the chance to breathe new life into your beauty routine. Ditching the deep hues on your pout and peeling back the scarves and sweaters, glorious beach days and vacation adventures are finally in sight once more.

But while you may be more than ready to run into sunny springtime, your skin needs a little more time to adapt. "Changes in humidity, sun exposure, and outdoor activity usually drive the need to change your skincare routine," Ted Lain, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Sanova Dermatology tells Real Simple Beauty.

So while reaching for more SPF may be the most obvious choice, there are many beauty tweaks you can do to keep your skin healthy and feeling as fresh as a spring daisy during this transitional season. Take a look!

Pamper and Revive Your Skin

As soon as spring hits, it’s a great time to give your skin some revitalizing TLC. Try facial steaming to loosen up any acne-causing oils, bacteria, or dirt trapped in the skin. Especially after a winter full of pore-clogging creams, this can be extra beneficial. “You should only steam your face two times a week, maximum, for about five to seven minutes,” Taylor Worden, a celebrity esthetician and founder of Taylor Worden Skin tells Instyle Magazine.

It’s also the time to scrub away dry, dead skin — if you haven’t already been doing so. Try our Rose Hand Scrub to release winter while also enjoing the calming aromatherapy benefits of rose essential oil and shea butter.

Switch Up Your Scent

Speaking of aromatherapy benefits, spring is the perfect time to ditch the deep, musky smells and opt for lighter, fresher, floral scents. Here at La Bloom Beauty, we have an array of garden-fresh scents perfectly appropriate in the spring. Consider the eucalyptus in our Hair Refresher or the citrus oil blend in our Hand Sanitizer.

Transition to Lighter Layers

And no, not just in terms of clothing. Since there’s more humidity in the air, our skin naturally retains moisture during warmer months. This means you don’t need something as heavy duty as you might reach for in the winter. An easy switch is to use a light cleanser and a light moisturizer in the morning and save the thicker moisturizer solely for the evenings.

Add in more hydration

While our skin does hold in more moisture post-winter, there’s still myriad reasons why our skin can get dried out during the warmer months. From sun exposure to travel, try the Bloom Face Mist to keep you hydrated during your globe-trotting adventures.

Protect against the sun with SPF

While wearing sunscreen is important all year round, it's especially important to protect yourself during the spring. Your skin hasn’t been exposed to the sunshine for months, so now’s the time to ease it into more UV exposure. Grab an SPF of at least 30, and consider a lightweight mineral sunscreen that's also sweat- and waterproof.

“Spring clean” your products, too

We all know and love a good spring cleaning sesh to dust away old cobwebs and throw out things that no longer serve us. So while you swap out your winter wardrobes for warmer-weather gear, consider taking stock of your vanity as well.

Make sure your products aren't expired or open too long. Simply check the expiration date on the bottle, and take this opportunity to wash your makeup brushes and sponges.

Bloom into the New Season

Transitioning to spring beauty is all about the small changes that make big differences for healthy, happy skin. It’s the perfect season to re-awaken your skin and make room for new products and rituals come summer time. Add in some fresh fragrances and voilà, you’re spring-bound!

What’s your favorite part of spring beauty? Blossoms, glowing complexions, bright and bold hues?

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