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Eyelash & Brow Health During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time for your hair health. From lustrous strands to that coveted “pregnancy glow” on your skin, an influx of hormones cause a slew of changes to your growing body during this time.

For others, however, those influential hormones lead to breakouts and hair fall – not to mention morning sickness, weight gain, mood swings, and much more.

Needless to say, it’s a wild ride.

The good news is: it’s a totally normal part of this momentous part of a woman’s life. That’s not to say it can’t be distressing at times, though. So if you find yourself waking up to see more lashes and brow hairs on your pillow than you’d like, here are some answers – plus, our favorite La Bloom Beauty solution!

Why do you experience eyelash loss during pregnancy?

More common than brow loss is the eyelashes being affected – although, both may be affected for much of the same reason. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, eyelash loss is linked to changing thyroid levels.

The thyroid gland regulates hormones in the body – which we already know is fluctuating during this time! According to The American Thyroid Association, the hormones estrogen and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) sometimes lead to hyperthyroidism – a condition that causes hair to become dry and brittle. This, in turn, leads to those sensitive hairs like lashes and brows snapping and/or falling out!

Another possibility? Nutritional deficiency. This typically includes iron, zinc, B12, vitamin D, essential fatty acids, and biotin, among many others. During pregnancy, many women need to double up on their nutritional intake to keep their strength and help baby grow! Not getting enough nutrients can have a number of side effects — including eyelash loss.

Help your lashes grow back naturally

As always, talk to your OBGYN first if you’re worried about your nutritional levels or if you need your thyroid tested. But we do have some good news – much like with all the other bodily changes in your life, most things go back to normal after you’ve given birth or a few months postpartum. On the other hand, a lash and brow serum can help speed things along.

It’s vital you don’t use chemical or drug-based eyelash growth products during pregnancy or while breastfeeding (of which there are many!), so you’ll want to opt for a natural-based serum.

Our Lash & Brow serum is botanical-based, vegan, and 100% clean, making it safe for this glorious time of your life. This serum is made of argan oil which is naturally rich in Vitamin A and fatty acids, plus castor oil and lavender essential oil. All combine to help you get healthier lashes and bolder brows in a safe, natural way. Plus, the serum is handmade in small batches daily, with love.

In addition to the serum, you should be sure to remove any makeup – not forgetting to gently rub the mascara off – before you go to sleep. Cut back on any falsies and eyelash extensions for now, and opt to give your lash and brows the best chance at rejuvenating themselves!

Self-care is beautiful

Eyelash and brow loss is uncommon, but it’s one of the many changes you could be experiencing during pregnancy and postpartum. Just remember: it’s a minor bump along the journey! Take care of your health and happiness, and take advantage of this time to turn to the natural beauty look. And don’t feel selfish pampering yourself during these tumultuous months. You’re giving a lot of yourself, momma, be sure to take care of yourself, too. Your skin and hair health will thank you for it.

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