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Fall Beauty Essentials: How to Take Your Skincare from Summer to Autumn

As fall fast approaches, we’re bidding adieu to the late-night sunsets and welcoming brisk evenings spent reading over a cup of cocoa. Between that, the fresh chill in the air, and the promise of the holidays around the corner, what’s not to love?

Well—the unwanted skin changes, we suppose.

Indeed, the British Journal of Dermatology shows us that decreased temperatures and humidity can affect your skin health. The drop in degrees doesn’t just lead to the dry skin we associate with fall and winter, but also flakiness, breakouts, redness, and dullness. "Mix this with dry heat from radiators, and it's a setup for skin disasters like eczema," Shari Marchbein, a board-certified dermatologist, told Allure.

So how do you keep the skin woes at bay? Just as you revamp your wardrobe and even your go-to lip color (hello vampy reds!) you should already be pivoting your beauty routine when autumn arrives.

Here are some of our favorite fall beauty must-haves to take your skin from summery glow to cool autumn galore.

For Your Complexion:

Now’s the time to gradually add more hydrating products to your skincare routine, like a thicker moisturizer or hyaluronic-acid-based serum. Hyaluronic acid is a hydration hero, thanks to its ability to attract and maintain moisture in the skin.

The most opportune time? Right after you’ve stepped out of the shower and have toweled off, so you can best lock in that essential moisture. Also consider skin savior, Vitamin C. “Vitamin C helps to repair any summer skin damage, such as dark skin and uneven skin tone,” Ling Chan of Ling Skincare tells Byrdie.

Throughout the day, give your complexion a generous pick-me-up with the Bloom Face Mist. In addition to the refreshing properties of Aloe, Rose, Sweet Orange, and Eucalyptus, our Face Mist contains the coveted Vitamin C and has excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin. This summer favorite actually comes in handy year-round!

Now that you’ve hydrated and moisturized morning, afternoon, and night, don’t forgot to protect with sunscreen. One of the American Academy of Dermatology’s best tips is to wear sunscreen every day of the year: summer, spring, winter and—you guessed it—fall.

For Your Hands & Feet:

After a season filled with sandy beaches and bright pedicures, your feet were pampered all summer long. Now it’s time to give some much-needed TLC to the hands, too, using the lovely Rose Hand Scrub.

A gentle scrub stimulates skin cell regrowth and shea butter moisturizes, leaving your hands soft and supple as well as prepping them for winter weather. Plus, the lovely rose scent makes for the most perfectly cozy at-home spa day! Repeat this routine on your feet and don’t forget to keep the Nail Oil Penhandy to help seal in moisture.

For Your Lips:

It’s not just the skin that gets dry during the colder months! The lips often begin to chap and flake. To prevent a dry pout, treat those puckers to products that contain petrolatum, beeswax, or oils to lock in moisture. We recommend our Coco-Vanilla Lip Scrub. Made with pure cane sugar, it gently exfoliates (goodbye flakes!) while coconut oil locks in moisture for up to 24 hours.

As a bonus, “consider wearing a scarf on cold, windy days,” says Dan Sutton, MD, family physician at ThedaCare-Physicians in Waupaca. “And don’t lick lips because the cycle of wetting and drying that occurs when you lick your lips quickly causes them to chap.”

Don’t Fall Behind

There you have it: a slew of fall essentials that your skin is bound to thank you for! Fall 2021 is looking up and you wouldn’t want your skin to fall behind. As soon as you see the pumpkin-flavored treats hit the menus, you should already be pivoting your beauty routine to make room for hydration, skin restoration, and more to tackle the new season with confidence.

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