Our Exfoliation Set includes:


Rose Hand Scrub

Brighten tired, dull-looking skin with our sustainable and luxurious Rose Hand Scrub made with organic rose essential oil. Take some deep breaths and enjoy the calming aromatherapy benefits while massaging your hands together gently.



Coco-Vanilla Lip Scrub

Full of skin-loving oils, this scrub gently exfoliates your lips, leaving them extra soft, supple, and moisturized! We recommend using all year round for an extra layer of protection from the sun and the drying effects of the wind and cold in the winter months.


Exfoliation Set


"It has a light and pleasant rose fragrance to it. I enjoy using the scrub at least twice a week :) It really makes my skin feel soft and silky smooth. Highly recommend!"


Kassy, Florida


"This smells absolutely delicious, it has little specks of vanilla and really hydrates your lips and brings life back into them, it's seriously amazing."


Stephanie, New York


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