Key Ingredients:

Lavender Essential Oil, can help stimulate blood flow so that the lash follicle receives more nutrients while boosting cell regeneration. It’s also anti-bacterial which can help your follicles keep clean and healthy.

Castor Oil, the miracle hair growth ingredient, is found to be especially effective when it comes to achieving thick and long lashes (and bolder brows!). It is also known to prevent breakage and stimulate faster and healthier growth.

Argan Oil, is naturally rich in Vitamin A and fatty acids. It is a powerful moisturizer and can help eyelashes to be hydrated. All the essential vitamins needed to promote hair growth are present in Argan Oil.

Lash & Brow Serum

  • Our best-selling Lash & Brow Serum was created to remind us to take care of our delicate lashes & brows which get such harsh abuse from most mascaras, eye makeup, and brow products. This unique eye-friendly formulation helps restore, strengthen, condition lashes & brows while growing new hairs!


    How to use:  Apply to your eyelashes and eyebrows nightly, after cleansing face and removing all makeup. Consistency is key. Avoid applying too close to the lashline. Do not apply directly into your eye. Can be used during the day if you have no eye makeup on, and on eyebrows for a dewy, glossy look! Apply at night before bedtime for best results, try not to skip applications.


    Note: Packaging may vary due to supply chain disruptions and shipping time increases. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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