Key Ingredients:

Lemon Essential Oil contains alpha-hydroxy acids, that lightens and brightens nail fibers while also breaking down any leftover gunk on the nail and makes them shine instantly!

Sweet Almond Oil contains olein, linoleic acid, glucosides, proteins, minerals, and vitamins A, B, and E, which are all great for nail and cuticle health.


Nail Oil Pen

  • Made for stronger and whiter nails, our mess-free Nail Oil Pen is perfect to keep in your purse to use throughout the day, or just before bedtime. A few drops of our oil daily can help to keep nails strong, white, and healthy.


    How to use: Make sure nails and cuticles are clean and dry. Swist bottom to activate the pen (approx 15 clicks). Apply oil daily to the entire nail (top and underneath) and the cuticle. Use throughout the day, or before bedtime. Don't forget your cute toes too!

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